Poverty Stats in the Philippines…Are you poor?

How much do you need everyday?

I can’t help but wonder on how can a person say that he or she is poor.

How do we define if a person is below the ‘poverty line’?

According to the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB)’s official 2009 poverty statistic report (dated 08 Feb 2011) in the Philippines, there were:

  • 20.9% poverty incidence among families in 2009 (as compared to 21.1% in 2006).
  • 26.5% poverty incidence among population in 2009 (as compared to 26.4% in 2006).
  • 1 Filipino per 100 was lifted from poverty from 2006 to 2009.

The report continues…in 2009, to survive poverty:

  • A Filipino  should have a monthly income of PhP1,403 (PhP974 for food needs)…A PhP46 daily allowance.  If you are living in Metro Manila, a person should have a daily allowance of PhP54.
  • A family of 5 needed a monthly income of PhP7,017 (PhP4, 869 for food needs).  That is, they should have PhP231 in their pockets everyday.
  • Residents of Metro Manila, a family of 5 should have a daily income of PhP271.
  • So, a family of 8 should have a daily budget of PhP369 to survive poverty and PhP434 if they live in Metro Manila.

Thus: One thing is for sure now, based on NSCB’s data…anyone with PhP500.00 in their pocket daily is definitely NOT poor (at least in 2009)!

Just to compare Philippines with the neighboring developing ASEAN countries…Here are the ranking with highest poverty incidence among population.

  1. Laos = 33.5% (2003 data)
  2. Myanmar = 32.0% (2005)
  3. Cambodia = 30.1% (2007)
  4. Philippines = 26.5% (2009)
  5. Vietnam = 14.5% (2008)
  6. Indonesia = 14.2% (2009)
  7. Thailand = 8.5% (2008)
  8. Malaysia = 3.6% (2007)

Bottomline: There are fewer people living in poverty in the Philippines than in Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia.  However, Vietnam and Indonesia are doing more to alleviate poverty than the Philippines.  Thais and Malaysians have more comfortable standard of living than Filipinos (way ahead!).


5 Comments on “Poverty Stats in the Philippines…Are you poor?”

  1. Chriz says:

    very nice post .. a thorough review and updates on the poverty line of our country .. I hope someday all the corruption would go away for us to stay focused on attaining whats best for our country and implement strategic ways to overcome this rate.

  2. john tugano says:

    I hope someday i’ll wake up Mayaman na ang Pilipinas..Pero that would just remain a dream kung wala tayong gagawin diba..

    good thing you have statistically shown every points here..nice post Voslego..

    • voslego says:

      Thanks…just want to show to the readers of this post that if we just value the money that we earned and we save it up wisely by living only to what they are capable of, then there’ll be no problem on where to find food for tomorrow.

      By the way thanks for subscribing.

      • mary says:

        well not everyone can do that because one some people don’t earn that much money and they have to provide for their family did u ever think about how much they get payed and how much they pay for food well did u my mom was born there and she did go to school because she had to help get money for her family because its hard to find a jod

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